Talent pipeline for future hiring

We plan ahead for your future by building a customized talent pipeline, a ready pool of skilled professionals to connect your business strategy.

Faster hiring with a strategic approach

Discerning the right competency is much easier with our strategy based recruitment. Save time for your HR team.

Locate the best talent

We map the very best talent with the potential to thrive in any role to keep balance through the transformations.

Consultant for each industry

We have consultants specialized in each industry to understand you in your language

Why we’re the best

Our success is built around the ability and dedication of our team to deliver the best recruitment beyond your expectations.

Experience the best recruitment service ever

Fill your vacancies faster through Theron Industries. Our quality staffing services bedazzle you with finding stellar talent with no delay, and that too perfectly within your budget. Discover our approaches; of course, you will be impressed!

Industry Experts

Specialists with in-depth expertise on the skills required for each sector

Vast talent pool

Explore your demand effortlessly; our database is enriched with top talents.

Quick fill with great skills

Specialists with in-depth expertise on the skills required for each sector

Loyal employees that last

Best talent in the long term as we are proven at hiring for retention

90 days Rebate

Assurance of back up with new talent if someone leaves the company within 3 months

Zero fees for “No recruit”

Our fee is secure in your hands until you get the right professional with precise skills.

Transparent Pricing

We emphasize our customers’ trust and don’t want to put them in the darkness. So we embrace price transparency with a sharper focus on values. We arm customers with greater transparency in working hours and pricing; you can enthusiastically plan and manage recruitment services with us without the stigma of uncertainty.

Credible and Transparent

We never hide anything from you. Our model offers transparent plans tailored to suit your needs and promises complete access to track the recruitment process.

Customer Retention

We believe in long-term business relationships and value creation. Our outright transparency in every process and effort while finding the perfect talent for you ensures your trust and loyalty to us.

Low cost, Effective monitoring

Whether you’re a seasoned hiring manager, or this is your first recruitment assignment, the service we offer at Theron will truly blow you away. This is what you can expect when you work with us.

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When we recruit for you

Experience the easiness of recruitment with us. We are proficient in hiring excellent candidates who can navigate dynamically through the rapid transformations of your company’s growth. Here is how we are unique:

  • We advertise for you without charging you even a penny
  • We don’t approach you without the best talent that complements your skill demands.
  • Our diligence in thorough pre-employment background checks ensures the liability of candidates to work in the desired locations
  • You can trust us; our reputation is built around the ensemble of honesty and integrity
  • We believe in establishing solid, long-term business relationships, so we said no to high-pressure sales tactics
  • We are independent and only committed to serving you with greater flexibility to meet your requirements
  • Our data-driven recruitment platform has an extensive database enriched with registered candidates; affirmation of our perfect hiring for you
  • We leverage different Social Media Platforms to attract high-quality passive candidates
  • Our exploration through major job boards and the impact of CV search facilities enable us to discover every newly registered talent
  • Our dedicated team are experts in recruitment accompanying meticulous sector knowledge

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