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Theron Academy

Theron Academy will be a complete walkthrough for our employees to keep their passion for developing new skills alive and stay relevant. We strive to provide the best training to our employees to assist the candidates who aspire for their dream jobs and the clients who are looking for great talented people. Our learning programs are designed to help the team grow and thrive in the rapid transformations of the industry. We’ve created a curriculum of e-learning courses focused on leadership, management, mentoring, and professional development to benefit them progress with industry trends and maintain its relevance. Our training programs are a great amalgamation of instructor-led classroom sessions, presentations, and training workshops to equip our employees with the best to shape their careers. We know that the recruiting industry is a rapidly evolving field; there is always a need for continuous learning to succeed, so we make sure that our employees have every opportunity to acquire innovations in the field and be their best.

Theron Entrepreneurship

Theron Entrepreneurship aims to nurture aspiring talents as great entrepreneurs to run businesses successfully. We are stringently focused on developing in our employees the key entrepreneurial skills needed to excel in managing our new business ventures in the recruitment sector. Our entrepreneurship program is a great opportunity to pursue your interest, acquire problem-solving skills, and advance in your career without any personal or financial risks. Theron Entrepreneurship arose as a result of our desire to see our ambitious employees evolving into future leaders for the business. So we are committed to training them to be better team players, leaders, and managers. As a theron entrepreneur, you will cultivate a culture of innovative thinking and develop the skills and capabilities required to run the business. We inspire and train our employees to act like entrepreneurs in the business and to recognize opportunities and develop innovative ideas and services.

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