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We add value to the whole recruitment process by bringing in quality and transparency. Our team works in close association with the employers to find the perfect fit for your organizations. The strategy we engage, the tools and technology we use and the experience we mustered over the years will be our close associates in the whole recruiting process.


Finding Each Other

The journey begins when our customers find us through any of the various online or offline means. We never keep anyone in the dark; we meet with you so that we get a complete picture of your requirements (online meetings preferred these days). Once the knowledge transfer is complete, we move on to the sourcing process. A dedicated team will be allotted for each client to get the project done as fast as possible.




The next and very important step in the process is sourcing. "We conduct deep and extensive research to find you suitable candidates by using all our resources." No stone will be left unturned during the sourcing and we will not rest until we’ve gathered enough quality resumes which matches your requirements.




Next comes the shortlisting and recruitment. We will conduct the initial shortlisting based on the job description, client’s organization culture and goals. After the initial shortlisting, we forward the resume to the company’s in-house HR department to conduct further screening and the final recruitment.

Service Levels

Service Level 1

We’ve created a vast database over the years based on our services. When a mission is on, we collect relevant profiles from our database as well as our trusted contacts.

Service Level 2

The long list of candidates is shortened based on strict and effective criteria based on the role. We filter the list and choose the dream talent from the pool of candidates.

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