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Theron Solutions offers ‘Rent a Recruiter’ services to our global customers. Whether you’re starting a new firm and lack experience in the HR department, or you need extra hands to get your hiring process done within a particular timeline without losing the quality, Theron has got your back. Now anyone who needs an experienced hand in hiring, or would like to reduce the hiring and placement budget, hiring a recruiter is the best choice.

While you hire a recruiter, you are saving a lot of your time, effort, and money. Also, the candidate's response doubles when the in-house HR department calls them rather than a recruiter. Thus, hiring a recruiter to get your hiring process done will give a more customized experience for the candidate as well as the company. There will be a better understanding between the hired recruiter and the company, and we can thus better understand your requirements and find resources who can align well with the organization culture.

Why should You Rent a Recruiter from Theron?

Hiring a recruiter from Theron will be a life-saver for you. Our experienced and expert team will give you the quality and expertise you desire in your in-house HR team. Most of the time, recruiting will not be the only job of your HR team, they might be busy with many other things. To find the perfect candidates, one should engage in both active and passive search proactively.
We will analyze the incoming resumes strictly to understand the candidates thoroughly before shortlisting them. No matter how many employees you intend to hire, or the position you need to fill, we will find you the resources who possess the perfect skill set and attitude. Targeted search will give access to more potential candidates and will trim the vast talent pool.

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