Industries and Specializations

Theron Solutions provides complete staffing solutions and recruiting services across various industries. We are experts in locating the top talents in all streams to meet your specific demands while keeping pace with the transforming world.


The oil industry is one of the most prominent sectors across the globe. Along with an ever-increasing need for fuel, this sector also raises demands for professionals who are up-to-date with the latest technologies. With an unparalleled database of professionals, we provide the oil industry with profoundly skilled people, well-matched for all peculiar requisites. Whether you are looking to staff the upstream exploration & production sector or transportation, storage & processing sectors in the midstream or the refining downstream sector, we can help you find the best talents fit for your team to meet your demands.


The gas industry, which plays a pivotal role in keeping our world dynamic, faces unprecedented hiring challenges. The skills gap is a principal crisis in this sector that is hampering rapid development efforts into new territories. To reinforce companies’ long-term growth in this age of rapid IT innovation, we provide candidates who are proficient in advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, edge computing, augmented reality, robotic process automation, Industrial IoT, and data science. Our team is enriched with knowledgeable and well-networked recruiters who focus on bringing highly skilled candidates for both on-site and remote work.


The greatness of water as a precious natural resource for the survival of life underscores the importance of the water industry. Like any other industry, global dynamics reflections demand professionals with high digital capabilities to implement innovations in the water industry. The water sector is committed to creating a sustainable future for all, but the main challenge is finding the best talent. Theron Solutions focuses on delivering highly skilled professionals from all fields, including water engineering, wastewater treatment, drinking water services, and water plant construction.


The highly diversified chemical industry is rapidly growing, and to reinforce this growth, companies require potential talents in each section. Research & development, manufacturing & production, HSQE, sales & marketing, engineering, regulatory affairs, procurement, and human resources are prominent areas in chemical industries that demand a highly skilled workforce. Effectual talent acquisition is one of the biggest challenges facing the chemical industry right now. Theron Solutions is proactive in the chemical industry’s recruitment services to find the right people with the right skills to reinforce all the long-term growth strategies.


The potent power industry revolutionized the whole world and played a crucial role in economic and social development. Since power is a prerequisite for the smooth functioning of domestic and commercial purposes, the power sector demands a highly proficient, qualified, and resourceful workforce. Our team is enriched with recruiters who are industry experts with in-depth knowledge in various fields of power generation, transmission, distribution, metering systems, and sales. We provide professionals with the right level of experience and exemplary skills to a wide range of specializations at all stages of project development, ongoing processes, and maintenance in the power sector.

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy industry is steadily booming as the world strives to shift rapidly into sustainable energy sources. As the global supply of renewable electricity progresses faster than anticipated, the industry is seeking a highly qualified and ingenious workforce to keep up the pace of development. Theron Solutions built a highly sophisticated database to meet the increasing demand for profoundly skilled professionals across the sectors of solar, wind, hydro, tidal, biomass and geothermal in the thriving renewable energy industry. Our recruiters are experts in the industry to find skilled personnel ranging from high-level engineers to scientists, managers, administrative assistants, and maintenance technicians.


The pharmaceutical industry, which plays an active role in combating the myriad of diseases affecting the global community, is invariably evolving through research and development. This field demands highly specialized skills to thrive through scientific advancements and innovations. Our pharmaceuticals experts understand your need for proven industrial experience, strategic skills, up-to-date and intensive knowledge, which is why Theron Solutions recruits only the top talent who seamlessly fits your best project needs. We are equally adept at providing recruitment solutions on either a permanent or contract basis for every clinical and non-clinical staffing need.

Medical Devices

The medical device industry is crucial in developing advanced medical technologies for better diagnostics and cure illness, which requires highly specialized skill sets that are in greater demand than ever before. Theron Solutions is focused on delivering extremely qualified staffing services to augment the medical device industry’s innovations for improved health. Our industry experts stay closely connected with this industry to understand the trends and recruit a high calibre workforce in all domains of research & development, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, technology, sales & marketing, regulatory and clinical affairs.

Clinical Research Organization (CRO)

CRO (Clinical Research Organization) plays a crucial role in the Life Science industry as it offers outsourced research services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. The CRO industry demands great skilled professionals because it is under the pressure of expansion due to the rapid global medical field’s rapid transformations. Our enthusiastic team has an unparalleled passion for understanding the objectives of the industry and connecting talents accordingly. Theron Solutions is an expert in finding qualified professionals for clinical trials at all levels of experience for various research phases.


The highly innovative biotechnology industry is in the phase of rapid growth that creates a challenge of talent shortage due to the industry’s tight competition. Through our top-notch recruitment services, strategic approach, and incredible database, we will deliver the best talent to match your unique hiring needs in highly specialized jobs. In this digital era, the adoption of AI and big data is imperative for constant innovation, which demands tech-savvy candidates. Our biotechnology industry experts are well-networked to recruit the top skilled engineers and technological expertise to stay ahead of the curve.


As healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today and in the future, the payer section responsible for processing patient eligibility checks, enrollment, insurance claims, and payments is equally important. The shortage of skilled professionals is the biggest concern associated with massive job creation because finding the right talent is imperative for growth. We are proficient in identifying the industry’s tailored skill sets to stay ahead of the competition. Theron Solutions has payer sector experts who assess the industrial needs from various perspectives to bestow the best possible recruitment services.


Theron Solutions is dedicated to finding the right talent for your unique hiring needs in the healthcare industry’s provider sector. The hospitals, clinics, and other health facility organizations demand skilled professionals ranging from doctors to nurses, medical researchers to technicians, technologists to therapists, at all levels of experience. We are proud of ourselves as the one-stop recruitment company that serves complete recruitment solutions for your industry. Our team is enriched with knowledgeable and well-networked recruiters who focus on bringing highly skilled candidates for various roles across the multiple domains.


Retail staffing and recruitment are crucial for businesses as the retail stores’ smooth running is highly recommended even during the busy hours. We’ll assist our customers in sourcing and hiring experienced and smart retail candidates for seasonal requirements, half time and full-time positions. We provide strategic retail staffing programmes and have partnered with many retail companies to provide customized staffing solutions.


We help find the right candidate for the consumer packaged goods industry to maintain productivity and grow revenue. Be it the warehouse managers or fulfilment processors, Theron Solutions will help hire the required talent in both durable and non-durable goods spaces. The comprehensive CPG staffing solutions we provide covers, every single requirement that might come up in the consumer packaged goods industry.


The automotive industry holds a significant role in the overall global market. We offer consistent and cost-effective automotive staffing solutions to automotive giants as well as suppliers across the industry. Our experts assist in filling up the diverse roles such as Interior Design and Engineering, Hybrid Vehicle Engineering and Design, Research and Development and many more sectors.

Defense and Aerospace

The defense and aerospace industry is offering many challenges and opportunities which can be achieved through proper strategies and skilled resources. Theron Solutions will connect you to the leading and high-quality talent available in the industry through careful sourcing and systematic shortlisting. Our experts conduct thorough background checks and strict and precise interviews before introducing candidates to the customers.

Industrial Automation

Providing the right talent that has the potential to blend in with future technologies and to work together for maximum output can be challenging. Our team has first-hand experience in finding superior candidates who possess the skill and wit to work innovatively in the Industrial Automation sector. We find resources through careful sourcing and data mining and by digging deeper and wider through our database.


Banking recruiters at Theron Solutions will help you connect with the best banking talents at various levels. We leverage our team’s experience and expertise who has extensive experience and knowledge in the relevant industries in which the hiring are to be made. Our team maintains an ideal relationship with the key stakeholders and utilizes the vast and existing network.

Financial Services

Theron Solutions specializes in staffing solutions to various financial services and is one of the top financial services recruiting firms. We have experience connecting with the world’s leading companies and providing them with the best talents and resources to fill the gaps in their financial services.


Our experts will find you the perfect talent in the insurance market, keeping up with the competitiveness and handling the challenges effectively to climb up the success curve faster. Theron Solutions is an insurance staffing agency with years of experience and expertise up under our sleeves. We’ll help you hire the best.

Capital Markets

We’ve worked with companies who demand resources to deal with rapid transformations and disruptive technologies in the capital market sector. We source and recruit top-quality resources through active and passive sourcing and executive search to reach apt candidates.


The travel sector is growing at an unprecedented rate, and it is demanding advanced and innovative technology and skillset. Our experts who have first-hand experience in travel recruitment will assist our customers in sourcing and recruiting perfect talent at the right time, thus building sustainable business relationships.


The transportation industry is a dynamic sector ever-evolving in advanced technologies along with changing customer expectations. The demand for highly skilled professionals is increasing rapidly in this field that deals with the movement of people and products. Theron have comprehensive knowledge of each segment in the transportation industry along with a data-driven recruiting platform. Our team is skilled in locating professionals who are accomplished in the respective field. We are sourcing a customized workforce with problem-solving skills that benefits the business infrastructure of all divisions in the transportation industry.


Theron Solutions provide to the point hospitality recruitment solutions and execute the talent hunt with our brilliantly crafted strategies. Our hospitality recruitment experts partner with our customers and understand their requirements before beginning the search. Once we are on track, we ensure that our talent hunt is precise and result-oriented.


The telecommunication sector is emerging as a crucial sector for developing businesses, industries, governments, and communities. The rapid technological changes in the industry raise the demand for candidates with up-to-date technical skills. We maintain a rich pool of highly skilled candidates for all the industry’s crucial sub-sectors, such as Telecom Equipment, Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MNVO), Mobile Network Operators (MNO) Telecom Infrastructure, White Space Spectrum, 5G, Telecom Service Providers, and Broadband.


The media industry is not all about the glitz and glamour, but about the creativity, skill and diligence of its people. The new media demand a whole new set of professional expertise. We help our media customers to find resources who understand the new mediums of content distribution.


The vibrant entertainment industry that promotes talent and creativity plays a significant role in nurturing the economy. The rapidly evolving sector, which provides enormous employment opportunities, faces a shortage of talent due to the intensified competition in the industry for skilled employees. Our experts in the entertainment industry are well-networked to locate the innovative and creative candidates for all dynamic fields like creative, production, and technical. Theron Solutions operate solely on customer-centric methods and utilize all the available talent acquisition technologies to find the right hire for you.

Industry 4.0 (BlockChain, Cybersecurity, Analytics, Cloud)

The latest phase of the industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, is the ongoing automation and digital transformation of industrial practices with information and communication technology (ICT). The smart manufacturing industry, which focuses heavily on cyber-physical systems, automation, the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and real-time data, raises the need for a highly-skilled, flexible, and agile workforce. We recruit proficient candidates to all the major divisions of BlockChain, Cybersecurity, Analytics, and Cloud. Our team is well-equipped to provide tailored recruitment solutions needed in this era of data and connected systems.

SaaS (Computer Software, Internet)

The SaaS (Software as a Service) industry has grown remarkably over the past few years and has continued to captivate the business community. The demand for highly skilled professionals is increasing rapidly in this field, delivering on-demand computing services through applications over the internet. Theron Solutions have comprehensive knowledge about each segment in the SaaS industry and provide permanent and contract candidates for all the hard-to-fill positions in this rapidly growing industry. We are equipped with a boundless database of high calibre candidates who specialize in various types of SaaS software such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software, Accounting Software, Project Management Software, and Email Marketing Software.

Sales & Marketing

The sales and marketing industry is an energetic field that comprises inside sales, outside sales, market research, online marketing, direct marketing, database marketing, lead generation, client services, and much more. The industries’ booming growth raises the need to quickly find and recruit the right employees for their sales and marketing divisions. We know that different companies’ sales and marketing activities vary according to the type of industry, which is why our recruitment solutions are scalable and customizable to your unique needs. Our industry experts follow a research-driven recruitment methodology to uncover every skilled candidate for all sales and marketing workforce specialization.

Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical)

The engineering industry is a dynamic sector that is ever-evolving with advanced technologies. This industry that designs and builds machines, devices, engines, and infrastructure is the backbone of a sustainable economy. We help you connect with the best talent across all civil, mechanical, and electrical sectors to create a significant impact in the current and emerging markets. Our specialists in the engineering industry understand this field’s varying requirements and find the best candidates with excellent technical knowledge and problem-solving skills.


The consulting industry is one of the quickly-growing sectors that demand industry-specific talent to offer crucial professional advice, guidance, and actionable solutions to organizations. We specialize in finding highly talented candidates for all the domains in this industry, such as strategy consulting, management consulting, operations consulting, financial advisory, HR consulting, and IT consulting. Our consulting recruitment experts understand the industry they recruit for and are thoroughly knowledgeable about this dynamic industry and its standards. Theron Solutions ensure the right workforce pertinent to your hiring needs to get ahead in business.


Theron Solutions are experts in executive search. We are committed to delivering highly skilled candidates to our clients at all levels ranging from the Board, Director, C-suite, to the General Management. Businesses are developing every day with new technologies and rapid transformations, which need more talented leaders to lead the growth by encountering unique demands. Our team is skilled in locating best-in-class executive talent accomplished in the respective field. We provide the top talent with the requisite business skills and extensive experience to meet various companies’ administrative talent requirements.

Customer Support

The 24/7 proactive customer support sector, which helps build profitable customer relationships, has become an inevitable section for all industries’ continual growth and progress. We are actively recruiting the best candidates with the proven customer service skills needed to succeed in this industry. With an established talent pool for customer support roles across the sectors, we are perfectly positioned to create a bespoke solution to meet all your hiring needs. Our recruitment consultants can effectively hire multiple categories of this sector, including live chat support, social media support, email support, and phone support.

Energy and Utilities

Theron Solutions offer comprehensive recruitment services to all energy and utility sectors such as Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Mining, Power, and Renewable Energy. We offer tailored services by comprehending the business objectives and priorities. This fast-moving sector covering global energy generation deserves highly skilled workers with great talent and qualifications to keep the pace. We know the energy and utility sector is transforming and needs an agile, innovative, technology-focused workforce to meet the demands. Our specialists have an extensive database to locate the best ideal candidates to reinforce the sector in its transformation.

Life Sciences

The life sciences industry is on the path of technological innovation. This sector's expeditious transformation has the exigency of talents with innovative thinking, in-depth knowledge, agility, technical skills, and experience. Theron Solutions offers highly talented professionals to the pharmaceutical, medical devices, CRO (Contract Research Organization), and biotechnology industries. As life sciences are evolving day by day, the demand for highly qualified people is also increasing in this sector. Our recruiting platform is built upon a boundless database enhanced with technical expertise, customer comprehension, industrial knowledge, and experience. We provide holistic recruiting solutions for all niche requirements of the life-saving industry. Our specialists in the life sciences sector follow a strategic recruitment process to find the best talents who can lead this industry's innovations and transformations.


Life Sciences and Healthcare staffing hold massive importance in the present days. Theron Solutions will be your trusted staffing partner to fill up the life sciences and healthcare industry vacancies. Our years of experience have given us the wisdom to choose wisely. We go with extra vigil while sourcing candidates. Be it a short term opening or a permanent posting, or even a contract based vacancy, we'll find you the perfect candidate at the right time.

Supply Chain

Finding the right and skilled technical and non-technical talent for the procurement and supply chain industry is not always a cakewalk. Our vetted professionals have handled all kinds of requirements in the supply chain and procurement sector and will help you fill-up the industry's high demand roles. Our experts have first-hand experience and knowledge in sourcing and recruiting resources with hard and soft skills, which are inevitable for the highly technical positions in both retail and CPG sectors. We work with small, large, enterprise, and startup businesses to help them find the best industry talents for their supply chain. After a thorough understanding of the requirements, our team will work efficiently and develop comprehensive solutions within the least timeline.


By engaging precise recruiting tactics, we help manufacturing companies face the challenges of profitability and growth. We help companies to meet the rapidly growing pace with which the manufacturing sector expands. Theron Solutions is a leading manufacturing recruiter who provides highly customized manufacturing staffing solutions for automotive, aerospace and industrial automation sectors. Our experts understand your requirements of today and tomorrow and source candidates who have the potential to keep up with the pace and evolve with time. The manufacturing industry is expected to exhibit enormous growth in the coming years, and we're all prepared for the upcoming boom with the right set of talents, resources and database.


Theron Solutions provide customized workforce solutions and staffing services for banking, financial services, insurance, and capital markets. Technology is redefining the BFSI industry, and the future of banking is being reshaped by including a lot of technology. With this evolution, the BFSI industry will require a whole new skill set to handle the considerable amount of incoming unorganized data, fraud identification and operational inefficiency. Theron Solutions have foreseen the changes and have updated our BFSI database to meet the upcoming requirements in this sector. We'll assist in hiring a reliable and skilled workforce who can handle the new-age challenges like pros.


Travel, transportation and hospitality is a rapidly growing sector and has developed sufficiently to surpass or be at par with every other economic sector in the last few years. Finding the resources who can handle the disruptions in the travel, transportation and hospitality industry might be tricky. But the experts at Theron Solutions have the first-hand experience in sourcing, shortlisting and recruiting fine talents in the respective field and role within the least timeframe. Our travel, transportation and hospitality industries have gained us enough wit to identify potential candidates with a positive approach and intuitive work patterns. Our experts will help you hire the best.


The media, entertainment and communication industries demand highly specialized skill set, innovative minds and people with dynamics and creativity. The industry experts at Theron Solutions possess hands-on experience working with similar customers and have been successful every time in satisfying them with the best in the industry talents. The digitization era has ripped off the conventional methods of content distribution. The media and communication industry is looking for resources who can handle the ever-evolving technology and trends efficiently.

Information technology

The information technology industry is a robust sector where transition and innovation are at a breakneck speed. The fast coming changes are leading this industry to vigorous competition. Hastened adoption of rapid transforming technologies is imperative to stay ahead in this competition. Uncovering the best talent who is flexible to adapt is an essential process in this constantly altering IT industry. Theron Solutions provide highly skilled professionals across all the sectors, such as software and services, technology hardware and equipment, system administration, database administration, and network administration.


Theron Solutions locate the best candidates in the industry, those with the right combination of hard and soft skills, by understanding the unique hiring requirements of our clients. Our specialist recruitment services cover all the industries' significant areas, including Sales & Marketing, Industry 4.0, Engineering, Information Technology, SaaS, Consulting, Executives, and Customer Support. Our data-driven recruiting platform offers tailored staffing solutions, which benefit the companies to succeed in a world of rapid technological advancements. Our strategic approach to recruitment enables companies to connect with highly skilled professionals and achieve their crucial business objectives. We utilize a comprehensive talent database, industry experience, and up-to-date industry knowledge to find and deliver the top talent for all your peculiar recruitment needs.

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