About Theron

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About Theron

We’re in The Business of Accelerating Businesses!

Finding human resources with the right skillset and mindset is crucial in today’s ever-evolving global market. We are determined to satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers by recruiting top talents worldwide and thus providing our customers with a strategic team that partners with them to upscale their businesses through innovative methods and up-to-date technological knowledge. Our talent acquisition strategy has proven to be highly beneficial in narrowing the search and choosing the perfect candidate. We support high-growth companies in the commercial as well as technology-focused sectors, and we serve the right portfolio to the companies to solve their challenges hassle-free and faster.

Who We Are?

The million-dollar question!

We are a leading talent acquisition firm that recruits people worldwide. Unlike the conventional HR firms that focus on transactional agreements and pre-selected and preferred vendors, Theron Solutions acts as a partner that not only identifies pain points and opportunities but develops and maintains the tools to address them. We are determined to add value to the global talent acquisition market and to our clients who trust us. In our journey since the inception, we have connected the world’s best companies to the greatest talents millions of times.

Our Values

earn it

Earn It

Reward, Respect, Credibility and Trust

We aim to be the one-stop solution for all talent acquisition needs and to deliver trusted, cost-effective and faster results by using proven strategies for customers across the globe.

own it

Own It

We chase opportunities like no-one else

We help growing organisations to achieve success through the right personnel management. At Theron Solutions, we offer innovative, and value-added services to our clients.

love it

Love It

We take huge pride in doing a great job and smashing our goals

We love what we do. We are in the talent acquisition business for a long time now and we’ve mustered enough experience to make things work.

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