Finding the right candidates

Theron Solutions extends sourcing as a service to our global customers. Our expert sources will help you find the potential candidates who will fit your job profile when your in-house HR team is busy with more development related activities. We will present our customers with resumes after exploring our database and connections. We use sophisticated tools to filter the perfect candidates with the specified skill set and present them to our customers after our preliminary screening. The in-house HR team can then choose the candidates for the next round of selection procedures. This way, our sourcing team will save your precious time which can be redirected to the core organizational development activities.

Why Should you Choose Us as Your Sourcing Partner?

Our experience in the recruiting field has given us many insights. One among them is that we never take sourcing for granted. Sourcing is key to finding the perfect candidate for any organization, be it a start-up, MNC, or even recruiting firms like us. Our team has mastered the sourcing and uses effective strategies, techniques, and tools to find the right resumes from the talent pool available.
If you choose us to be your sourcing partners, you can see the recruitment process from the very first contact with the potential candidates. Some studies show that direct communication from the organizations results in a higher response rate.
We will submit the candidate list via email or some other tools that our customers use. Once we receive a sourcing commitment, we conduct vast and in-depth research in our database as well as online to mine out the potential candidates.

Our Sourcing Techniques

Theron Solutions knows the power of proper research in sourcing. Our people will work smart to overcome many challenges that might come up during the process like improper communication from the candidates as well as clients, lack of proper job description, inadequate hiring budget, and many more.
Our team will identify the missing pieces in every project and work together to get over them by communicating efficiently with the customers and the candidates. We will ensure that our customers understand well the range of talents and skills that they are looking for and their expectations from the resources they hire.
Similarly, we also care about the experiences that we provide to a candidate when we call them. We engage every sourcing tool or channel that we have to give our customers quality leads. We conduct intense research and networking to ensure that not even one potential candidate misses our open position.

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