Travel, Transportation and Hospitality

Transportation sector is incredibly instrumental in economic growth and globalization. The surge in demands for travel and movement paves way for global transit, thereby broadening the sphere with ample job opportunities.

Theron Solutions manages the talent acquisition in the travel and transportation sector by serving the clients with a befitting candidate that can direct, plan, coordinate and oversee tasks within the ambit of the transportation sector.

This vertical is exceedingly vast as it comprises freight, airlines, marine, railroads, trucking, airport services, highways, rail tracks, marine ports and many more.We provide skilled people for various jobs such as Delivery drivers, fleet manager, chauffeur, Expeditor, Logistician, Packaging Engineer, Materials Planner, Distribution Manager, Logistics Analyst, Flight Engineer, Hospitality staff, Consultant etc.

Amidst worldwide development in the trade and transit sphere, our goal is to expand the growth of the company and increase traceability by fulfilling their demand of qualified experts in not conveyance domain but also providing some professional hospitality operatives to ensure smooth functioning of customer service.