Retail and CPG

With the tremendous growth in the CPG Market, it becomes crucial to keep track of the broad spectrum of manufacturers, sellers and physical goods, extensively used by consumers, sold through a retailer.

A professional retailer cannot do away with the preferences of consumers, who now demand healthier, convenient and cost-effective products and not to mention, CPG companies are placing a greater emphasis on direct customer engagement to enhance visibility in their demand-based fulfillment models.

Theron solutions collaborate with clients to provide a strategic talent to revamp the sphere in customer experience of food, beverage, cosmetics, clothing etc along with managing the rising commodity costs, stringent regulatory environment, and shifting consumer preferences in the retail and CPG industry.

We offer pragmatic solutions to support clients with terse answers for business decisions in areas such as Marketing, Communications, Supply Chain, Sales, Design and compelling strategy and operation.

We endeavor to innovate and respond to the ongoing market changes to meet clients' needs by offering candidates who maintain ethical and sustainable business practices and overall inflate the growth of the company.