Executive, Sales and Marketing, Customer Experience

Finding a candidate with the knowledge of modern marketing techniques and impeccable interpersonal skills can be a challenging task for the expanding companies.Sales and marketing spheres involves profound knowledge of innovative marketing strategies along with the passion for sales. This sphere also looks out for candidates who are eloquent in their speech and possess excellent persuasive skills that not only allows them to design marketing plans but also to implement them with apt skills.

Theron solutions aim to align their clients with the prospective candidates that strive to contribute to the development of marketing strategies, by having the talent to establish sales strategies, implement marketing plans with proficiency, cultivate amicable relations with the customer, answer queries about uses, conduct sales work with the team to escalate targeted sales, track sales record to ensure that the company meets the sales agenda and to create performance/sales reports. Our prime goal is to empower the clients to focus on the right people to maintain quality service.

We assist the organization to meet the prospective candidates, endowed with such talents and aim to grow with high-quality people who will not only let them achieve their targets with utmost strategies but will also help drive company's sales affluently.