Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, Manufacturing, Defence

We feel esteemed to be involved in Aerospace and Defense recruitment as it is one of the most creditable and elevated sectors with the most demanding and exacting technologies worldwide.

In a world full of abounding knowledge of aviation and defense it is deemed important to align with a candidate who has a wide array of specialist knowledge in the aerospace and automotives sector along with powerful visualizations and strategic decisions to accelerate the growth of the company.

Theron Solutions merges talent with tactics and provides candidates that have skills about aircraft, Satellites operations, military craft, space, equipment and defense related services, general aviation, commercial airliners, and several other ways to enhance operations of spacecraft. We assist our clients thoroughly to locate candidates in various successful aerospace spheres that wish to mandate cost control, innovatively implement defense mechanisms, and aerospace tactics.

We aim to soar high with professional candidates by merging them with prominent companies so as to enhance their value and serve the world with leading companies that offer creative and tactful operations pertaining to spacecraft.